Loving this photo by Erica Domeseck...today is your day!
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A Rich Dude That Spent His Money Taking Pictures Of The Entire World

Albert Kahn was an extremely wealthy French banker.
In 1907 color photography was invented with the use of a process called autochrome.
Beginning in 1910, Albert paid photographers to travel and take autochrome photos of everyday life across the globe.
For the first time in history, we could see each other in true-to-life color.
The photographers collected a total of 72,000 images between 1910-1931.

Wow...thank you Albert Kahn...these photos are a glimpse into the history of all of us.

Here are some samples...but you should really check out more.

North America--Canada--1910-1931
Europe--Angleterre (French name for England)--1910-1931
Eastern Europe--Serbie (French for Serbia, one of the republics of Yugoslavia)--1910-1931 
East/Central Asia--Mongolie (French for Mongolia)--1910-1931
Horn of Africa--Djibouti (The Republic of Djibouti)--1910-1931
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Meet The Master Of Photo Manipulation

Erik Johansson is a young and talented professional photographer and retoucher from Sweden.
As you can see from his work below, he uses Photoshop to create new and thought provoking realities.
Erik got his first digital camera when he turned 15 years old and has been playing with photographs ever since.

I'm a huge fan of his work....you should be too!
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The Mystery of The One Wheeled Motorcycle

How cool is this single wheel motorcycle?

There is a bit of mystery surrounding this bike, exactly who invented it, and why it quickly went out of fashion.
It is believed that the first monowheel bike was built in 1923 by a company called Motoruota founded by Davie Cislaghi.
However, there is another man, Giuseppe Govetose, who has also been credited for the invention of this motorcycle.

Confusing us even more, there seems to be another company that was making similar bikes around the 1930's but called them the Walter Nilsson monowheel. 

We may never know who invented this bike, but I would love to know why we aren't making them today?
I would love to see the giant wheel in action!
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Recycling Is Now Childsplay

The Flyupon! is a new conceptual toy by Ariel Mikala and Noumbissi Constantin.
They are challenging themselves to create upcycled products that motivate children to recycle.
They strongly believe that children should learn to be environmentalists through fun and play.
The Flyupon! was designed to shoot bottle caps into the recycling bin.

Keep a close eye on these designers....they are currently brainstorming more inventions around this idea and expect to create an entire line of toys that encourage kid's to take care of our planet.

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Up-cycle your old t-shirts!

I am sure everyone has tons of old t-shirts that they don't know what to do with.
Brit Morin shared this video with world showing us how to make a trendy scarf out of your old T's.
Try it out....let us know how it works!
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Snap A Photo With Your Fingers
 A group of researches from Japan's Institute of Media Arts and Sciences have developed a new camera, call the Ubi-Camera.
Instead of looking at a screen, just make two right angles with your hands and create the frame.The zoom is calculated by an infrared distance sensor to detect how far away it is from your face. 

I am ready to go out and buy one of these...it looks so easy and fun. 

Currently, the camera only works with the assistance of a computer, but the team plans to work on this to make it perfect.
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It's Hard To Believe Something This Big Ever Lived

The Smithsonian has built a replica of a predator that lived 60 million years ago.
The Tutanoboa was a giant snake that 
lived during the Palaeocene epoch.  This thing was the largest predators on Earth at 48-feet long and weighing in at 2,500 pounds. 
The Smithsonian has recreated this snake for a new TV show about extremely large snakes.

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Street Art That Is Literally Taking Over The Streets

Artist Peter Gibson, known as Roadsworth, began making street art by spray painting extra bike lanes onto the streets of Montreal.
He was motivated by the lack of safe places for people to ride their bicycles.
He started this project in 2001, and has spent the last 11 years illegally spraying his messages on the roads around his city.
His work stands out because each piece packs a bit of social awareness punch about the dangers of city life and environmentalism.
Peter Gibson is a social activist, and artist, and a genius.
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Cartoon Handbags And Backpacks For The Real World

JumpFromPaper™ is a collection of bags created by designers Chay Su and Rika Lin.
These two women simply dreamed up this idea while hanging out one random afternoon.“How amazing it would be if a two-dimensional hand-drawn illustration could come to life as a real bag!”
The bags look like they jumped right out of the Sunday comics, with the dark bold outline and bright colors, anyone wearing this bag will stand out in the crowd.It's so great to see two friends turn their design dream into reality.Best of luck to these women in their new business adventure.
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