"Can Someone Please Take Me to Get My Haircut?"

Under all of that fur there is a rabbit.
The Angora rabbit is the oldest type of rabbit from Turkey. 
In the 18th century, these rabbits were very popular pets for French royalty. 
Their fur reminds me of my hair on a rainy day.

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An Igloo of Books!

Are you sick of looking at those dusty books on your shelves?
If so, try something like this.
Miler Lagos' installation, called Home, completely stands on its own. 
This would make a cool fort for children and a great lesson on physics.

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Cow Wash 

This may seem like a joke, but in fact designers, DeLaval, have already sold 30,000 of these cow washes and are beginning to sell them in England.
The Sweden company claims that keeping cows clean prevents the spread of disease.  

The brushing increases blood circulation which results in better milk. 
 In addition, the cleaning actually increases milk production. 

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Helmet Head

Grappa, The Helmet-Bag For Natural Disasters, is an extremely strange invention.
For those of us who are looking for diversity in our grocery bags, this is the perfect product. In the case of an emergency, this bag can be turned upside-down and worn on your head.  

Why would anyone do that?
Well, the bottom of the bag is actually a helmet made out of EPS (the same foam used in hard hats) and should provide some protection, while the net should keep the user's face clear.  
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The River That Ran Away From Paradise
   Deep in the jungles of Colombia, near Macarena, runs an ordinary river with no distinguishable characteristics to call its own except during the brief period between the rainy and dry seasons. There is a combination of sunlight, water lever, and algae that produces an amazing explosion of color! 

This river has been called: The Rainbow River, The River that Ran Away from Paradise, The Most Beautiful River in the World, and The River of Five Colors (which is weird because there are literally hundreds of shades of each of these five colors). This natural phenomenon of algae does not occur anywhere else in the world in this combination. The conditions are only right for that very brief period of time between rainy and dry seasons. This spot is quite difficult to get to, but it has now become a tourist attraction. 

This river, including waterfalls, is truly a one of a kind experience that everyone should be lucky enough to see at least once in their lifetime!!

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The Beauty of Nature!

Artist, Andy Goldsworthy, has a very unique way of creating art.
He captures the beauty of nature and modifies landscapes. 
This is so interesting!

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Roosevelt The Rolling Dog

Roosevelt is a border collie that was born with deformed front legs.
Border collies are a very active breed of dog, therefore many people were of the opinion that he would have a terrible life and should be put down for humane reasons.
However, little Roosevelt was lucky enough to have been adopted by Stephanie Fox who created this custom wheeled device that allows the dog to roam free. She said, “The only difference between Roosevelt and other dogs is that instead of a collar I snap on his wheels to take him out”
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Water and Ink Photographs Are All The Rage Right Now

Italian artist Alberto Seveso takes pictures of ink in different colors blending into water. 
I think it almost looks like fabric or some underwater organism.  
What do you think it looks like?

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Warning: Do NOT Try This At Home

Skywalking is becoming a popular thing to do in Russia.
Photographers climb to the highest height possible to snap a picture that no one has ever taken before as the adrenaline rushes through their bodies. 
I can't think of any photo that is worth the risk!
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Autumn is a Second Spring When Every Leaf is a Flower.
-Albert Camus

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