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When I see this sculpture, Carmen Miranda immediately pops in my mind. 
I would like to see her trying to balance this fruit on her head.
This "Fruit Tree" is displayed in Rinko Park, Yokohama Japan. 
It reminds me of something you would see in a Doctor Seuss book. 

Fruit Tree Photo by river seal
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8 Year Old Boy Makes Friends With Wild Animals

Matteo Walch and his family spend two weeks each year on vacation in the Austrian Alps.
The Alps are home to the Alping Marmot, often consider to be the "largest squirrel species."
These critters, just like squirrels, usually run and hide from humans.
However, 8 year old Matteo has a different effect on these animals.
For the last four years, he has built a very unusual relationship with an entire colony of Alpine Marmots.
They spend hours together, playing, petting, and eating.

Umm, I'm not sure this is the best idea. Ihope nothing goes wrong.

Want to see photos? (You know you do...)  Click here.
Photo by Leo-setä
Source posted by Michelle
Working in the Rice Paddy in Bangladesh

I have to admit that I know very little about rice and how it is grown and harvested.
That being said, I'm floored by this photographic journey through the process of harvesting rice.
Jankie, the photographer, did an excellent job documenting this traditional farming method.

Turns out, working the rice paddy fields is really hard work.

"Old lady walking her cow home through the paddy fields. This Santal woman lives in an adivasi (tribal) area in the north of Bangladesh. Especially for older women in Bangladesh it is very hard to survive. Sometimes a cow is the only thing they possess. Sometimes it is not even their own, but they raise it for someone else and then get half of its offspring." - Jankie
"Harvesting paddy in BangladeshHarvesting in Bangladesh is mostly done by daylabourers or by a group of labourers on contract. They do hard work for low wages."-Jankie
"Harvested paddy is often still carried to the farm by labourers who have to work very hard to survive. It may also be transported in other ways such as by bullock cart on nowadays more mechanically driven carts." -Jankie
"Gradualy there is more mechanisation. The power tiller is arriving here. "-Jankie
"Half of these fields have already been harvested." -Jankie
"Boiling and drying paddy at the rice mill in a village in Bangladesh. Women toil all day long for meager wages." -Jankie
Visit Jankie's Photostream to see more amazing photos of the world.
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We Should All Enjoy Our Work As Much As These Three Guys

Rick Mereki, Tim White, and Andrew Lees spent 44 days traveling to 11 countries to make three short films about movement, learning, and food.
They sat on 18 different flights and travelled 38 thousand miles with two cameras capturing their experiences.
This sounds like so much fun!
It's refreshing and inspiring to learn about people that are living their dreams and do the work that they love.
Here's a little preview of their work:
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How Much Food Do People Actually Eat Everyday?

Photographer Stefen Chow is working on a project called "The Poverty Line."
These photos show how much food people in different countries are typically eating in a single day.
Stefen's work is a reminder that we should be thankful about the food we have, there are many people in the world that simply are not getting enough food each day.
France: $7.68 per day
Nepal: $0.45 per day
Australia: $8.02 per day
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Playing with Your Food

You know how some things look too good to eat?  These sculptures are definitely too pretty to eat.  Photographer and visual artist Dan Cretu recreates everyday objects out of fruits and vegetables.

These are pretty clever. 
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Food with Personality...

Mini Feast

Shay Aaron is a brilliant artist from Israel who makes the most astonishing miniature food and food jewelery out of Fimo, a type of clay. These foodstuffs look so beautiful that I want to eat them! What stands out to me most is the attention to detail and the patience to make these.  Wow!
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Make an Object Out of Food!

Dan Cretu is just one more creative artist that uses food to make art. His series, Figures For Scholz and Friends, focus on nutritious food. This looks simple but trust me, it is a lot more difficult than it looks. 

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Here is the perfect cake for the photographers in your life.
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