The Little Rock Nine

Prior to May 17, 1954 public schools were segregated.
White kids went to all white schools.
Black kids went to all black schools.

Then, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that segregated schools were unconstitutional.
It was time for desegregation of all school throughout the nation.

The Little Rock Nine was the first group of African American students to attend Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas.

These nine students were hand-picked for having excellent grades and attendance.

It was not easy to be one of the Little Rock Nine.
The first day they showed up to high school many people were protesting their presence.
In fact, the governor, Orval Faubus, sent out the Arkansas National Guard to prevent these kids from entering the high school.

These brave students faced angry mobs and military resistance.
Finally, President Eisenhower intervened and the nine students were given the protection of the US Army.

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