300,000 Pennies

Stefan Sagmeister and a team of artists created this incredible art installation for Urban Play in Amsterdam.
It took many people and tons of energy to create this work.

Using 300,000 Euro cent coins carefully placed, they spelled out "Obsessions make my life worse and my work better."
Each coin was painted blue on the back.
This way, people would be less likely to steal the pennies.

However, something very odd and unexpected happened the morning after the work was installed.

The police were notified that some people were, in fact, stealing the artwork.
The police responded by immediately "securing" the art.
They started sweeping up the entire installation.

The police had swept up all 300,000 coins within no time at all.
This amazing work didn't make it 24 hours before it was destroyed.
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01/30/2012 9:12pm

What a neat site. My kids will really like the quirky stories. Well done!


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