Build your own miniature home! 

We can all build a small model home out of a shoebox, but this is a much cooler way to do it and make the house look authentic.
 Materials needed:
 Plaster, gravel, sand, foam, duct tape, wooden blocks, crisco, plastic container (if you are working inside), hot glue

    1. Make 2 molds out of the foam. 
 One of the molds will be used for the sides of the house and the other mold will be used for the front and back of the house. 
 Most likely, you will want the sides of the house to be longer than the front and back. 

 (If you want a square house  you only need to make one mold.)
 You will be making one wall at a time.
 Build a rectangle out of foam for one of the sides and duct tape it together. 
 Build a square out of the foam for the front and back and duct tape it together.
 2. Pour the sand in the plastic container.
3. Cover the edges of the blocks with crisco (so it doesn't stick to the plaster) and place them where you want your windows and doors. 
 3. Place the mold on the sand.
 4. Pour one layer of gravel in the mold.
 5. Pour about a half an inch of plaster in the mold. 
 6. Let it dry overnight. 
 7. After you have the four walls, hot glue them together.



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