Self Expression Through Art

Hundreds of people come to the Burning Man's annual gathering in Black Rock City, Nevada.
No words can express what this experience is like. 

Black Rock Desert turns into a place like no other.
People leave their homes and head to the playa, the type of landforms in the desert, for the week. 
On the first night, everyone gathers around as they "burn the man".

That starts out the adventurous week.
There is not one specific thing you do, but the focus is on self expression through art.

 You many build one of the trucks you see below.
When everyone leaves, everything is dismantled.  

You will never fully understand the festival until you experience it.
Preying Mantis art car Photo by radcliffe_photos
Scorpion art car Photo by radcliffe_photos
Preying Mantis and Scorpion art cars Photo by radcliffe_photos
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