Watch Out for that Lion

Have you ever wondered who was the first person to take the risk of taming a lion or how this hobby got started?
The first circus came to the United States in 1783. Wild animals were brought in cages and people would pay a fee to get a close up view.  It was almost like a traveling zoo. 
After the first lion tamer, Isaac Van Amburgh, stepped in the ring with a lion in 1833, it became a popular trend. 
It soon became the highlight of a circus performance. 

"A lion tamer at Bertram Mills Touring Circus, Ascot" 1936 Photo by Edward G Malindine
"Lion tamer" Photographer unknown
"Circus performer, Adjie, 1899."
"Circus Lion" 1934 - 1956 Photo by Leslie Jones
"Circus lion in cage" 1939 Photo by Leslie Jones
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