The Inspirational City of Bikers

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and a city full of people who love to ride their bicycles.
The city recently added 26 new bike routes, called the "the cycling superhighway," to keep bikers moving fast and accidents at a minimum. 
 Riding in these bike lanes, bicyclists can go as fast as cars.
Currently, one-third of all the residents in Copenhagen ride their bikes to work or school, collectively biking over 750,000 miles each day!
It is believed even more residents will ditch the car once the bike routes project is totally complete.

How awesome would it be to be able to give up your car and just ride?
Copenhagen Bike Lights Photo by Will Vanlue
Copenhagen bike path warning to keep an eye on the traffic coming from the side streets, June 2010. Photo by Hunter Desportes
"You could say Copenhagen has a bike problem I'm all for ecological transport, but walking around the streets of Copenhagen you can't find a wall anywhere without a bike or three propped against it." Photo by The Hamster Factor
"Copenhagen by Bike" Photo by Davide e Paola
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