Autochromes: The Original Color Photography

When I think of everyday life back in the early 1900's, I tend to picture only black and white images.
That's why these autochrome images below are so special. These photographs turn the past into more realistic and colorful views.

Since the birth of the photographic process in the 1840's, photographers were dreaming of a way to create a colorized photo.
In 1904, Auguste and Louis Lumière announced the invention of the autochrome process at the French Academy of Sciences.
These guys, also the inventors of the motion picture camera, developed a process that used dyed potato starch grains covered in a layer of light sensitive panchromatic silver bromide solution to achieve a colorized photo.

Thus, the birth of color photography!

These are some of my favorite autochromes from the George Eastman House, which has a collection of over 4,000 images created in the early 1900's.
"Child and nurse" 1907 - 1932 Photo by Charles C. Zoller
"Charles Zoller with bicycle" 1920 Photo by Charles C. Zoller
"Man lying on ground with two dogs" 1915 photographer unknown
"Girl with collection of dolls" 1910 photographer unknown
"Woman and boy sitting in chair" 1915 photographer unknown
"Seneca Pool" 1924 Photo by Charles C. Zoller
"Family group outdoors" 1915 photographer unknown
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