Five Things Your Probably Didn't Know About the 1971 Version of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory:

Gene Wilder, the actor that played Willy Wonka, claimed he would play the part under one condition.
He wanted to tweak the scene when he first walked out of the factory to meet the children.
Gene insisted that after he walked his way down the path with a limp and a cane, he would end the walk with a somersault.
He felt this move set the stage for Willy Wonka's unpredictability.
Gene Wilder
We all remember the beauty of the chocolate river that ran through the edible gardens in the factory.
Apparently, this "river" was actually made out of edible ingredients, including chocolate, water, and cream.
Once it spoiled, and it didn't take long for that to happen, the river became extremely stinky!
Charlie Bucket, the main character in the movie, was played by actor Peter Ostrum.
This was the only movie he ever acted in.
Peter went on to become a large animal veterinarian in New York.
"Peter Ostrum at the 2011 Wizard World Chicago event; the child cast of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory were promoting that film's 40th anniversary." Photo by Scott Cranfill
It is estimated that "about a third" of all the props in the Chocolate Room were actually edible.
Remember when Willy drank from the tea cup and then ate it?
Well, the cup was made out of wax, he just spit it out after the scene.
Throughout the movie, the actors were unaware of some details of 
a scene in order to get spontaneous reactions caught on film.
When most of the actors are children, this seems like a creative way to ensure a great film.
For example, the expressions on the kids' faces when they first entered the Chocolate Room were totally authentic, it was the first time they had ever seen it.
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Wonderful trivia about one of my much loved films.

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I love this!! Awesome trivia, my grade will love it too.


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