The Transportation Art of Pakistan (and Bangladesh)

Looking at these photographs of Pakistani (and Bangladeshi) vehicles, I sort of feel a little cheated that we don't see any painted cars here in America.

In Pakistan, all types of transportation are subject to becoming great traveling works of art.
As seen below, extensive murals are painted on trucks, rickshaws, and even boats.
The highways looks so beautiful and colorful!

(I was recently informed that some of these photos were taken in Bangladesh...oops.  Thank you for the correction!)
"Ship on the road! Traveling on roads in Pakistan (and Afghanistan) is often like being in a mobile art exhibition!" Photo by Anduze traveller
"Almost all the motor rickshaws had paintings on the back. The cycle rickshaws also often had artwork, but seldom as striking." Photo by Anduze traveller
"Art on Wheels" Photo by Anduze traveller
"Boat Art" Photo by Anduze traveller
"Motorized rickshaws" Photo by Anduze traveller
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09/12/2012 2:25pm

I'd have appreciated it if you had contacted me first!
Several of my photos here are of Bangladesh, not Pakistan, I could have warned you

09/12/2012 2:39pm

My apologies...truly.


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